Drop Log Stables - Conargo

Conargo is predominately a rural shire in New South Wales encompassing the communities of Conargo, Blighty, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Wanganella and Booroorban.Conargo Shire is the centre of a major sheep stud breeding area and other farming practices including wheat, rice, canola, cereals.
Population: 1850.  Total area: 8829.36 sq km

The Headless Horseman Sculpture - Black Swamp


29 June 2015

Follow the link below to access the proposal from Conargo Shire Council.

20 May 2015

Conargo Shire are currently undertaking some projects and would appreciate any photos of the shire that you might have stored away to help us with...

15 April 2015

The link below will give you access The Office of Local Government's Website: