Drop Log Stables - Conargo

Conargo is predominately a rural shire in New South Wales encompassing the communities of Conargo, Blighty, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Wanganella and Booroorban.Conargo Shire is the centre of a major sheep stud breeding area and other farming practices including wheat, rice, canola, cereals.
Population: 1850.  Total area: 8829.36 sq km

The Headless Horseman Sculpture - Black Swamp


20 May 2015

Council are requesting old photos from ratepayers/residents.

15 April 2015

Tree Planting Scheme 2015/16

Ratepayers and residents who would like to order trees must do so before 30th September 2015.

15 April 2015



6 September 2015

Exprience country hospitality at its best
Come help celebrate the 10th Birthday Sunday 6th...

25 September 2015

Fanny Lumsden will showcase her infectious brand of toe-tapping joyous alt country music....