Conargo Shire Council

Conargo is predominately a rural shire in New South Wales encompassing the communities of Conargo, Blighty, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Wanganella and Booroorban. 
Conargo Shire is the centre of a major sheep stud breeding area and a number of other farming practices including wheat, rice, canola, cereals.


Total area: 8750.9 sq km

Conargo Shire Council prides itself by 


Conargo is a rural based shire, established in 1907.

The Shire boasts a huge range of agricultural pursuits which include:

Stud Sheep                                                 Agro-forestry
Stud Cattle                                                 Aquaculture
Cereal crops with Wheat                            Hydroponices
and Rice the main varieties
Wool                                                           Viticulture
Fat Lambs                                                   Piggeries
Dairying                                                      Exotic animal farming
Market gardening                                       (alpacas, emus, and lappins)
                                                                   Olive Groves

Forward thinking, progressive farmers have successfully introduced aquaculture, agroforestry, viticulture, hydroponics, market gardening, olive groves and exotic animal farming in recent years.