Roads & Traffic

Conditions of Approval (DOCX) (245.7 KB)

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1.0 Purpose:
Council as the delegated Road Authority for roads gazetted into its management has
the duty to ensure that private structures erected in, on, above or below the road
reserves are approved, meet the necessary standards to ensure safety and capacity
and ensure the community’s interest is not compromised.

3.0 Objectives:
To permit certain structures to be erected in, on, above or below road
reserves on a uniform basis in compliance with the Local government Act
1993 and the Roads Act 1993;

  • To ensure that private structures in, on, above or below road reserves are
    approved for installation;
  • To ensure appropriate standards of design and construction are used;
  • To ensure the safety of the public when using the public road reserves is
  • To ensure that responsibility for the ownership, construction and maintenance
    of any structure is clearly defined;
  • To ensure the risk to Council is minimised;
  • To refuse structures that do not meet the requirements of this policy or the
    relevant legislation;

4.0 Scope:
This policy applies to all of the following private structures in Road Reserves that are
deemed to be of a permanent nature:

  •  Stock Grids
  •  Fences (not including boundary fences)
  •  Gates
  •  Stock and Domestic Water Supply Lines
  •  Stormwater drainage structures
  •  Irrigation drainage structures (excluding Irrigation Company structures
         covered by the CAAT agreement)
  •  Private access roads (including gateways)
  •  Landscaping

Structures that do not fit within this policy are structures that reside in, on, above or below road formations that are controlled by other bodies such as State or Federal governments or structures dealt with by other legislation such as boundary fences
If a structure requires a Development Application, then any consent issued will include conditions listed in this Policy.
Any permanent structure that does not fit within this policy shall be dealt with on a case by case basis by submission to Council for appropriate consideration.Conargo Shire Council maintains  1234 kilometres of roads that vary from formed natural surfaces to rural and urban roads.

Council Roads

Roadworks are funded from Federal and State Government grants and general revenue.

Council also undertakes planned bituminous patching and periodic bitumen resealing to rejuvenate existing seals.

Council also conducts maintenance grading, gravel resheeting and patching of unsealed roads.

Also shoulder grading and slashing, signposting, guideposting, bridge and culvert repairs and new construction works.